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CQP Overview

Rope Technician CPQ System

The SFETH introduced a certification system allowing Rope Technicians to begin working in the field and to gain experience. Professionals may move on to managerial positions within the corporation thanks to the acknowledgment of their skills in one or more specialities (civil engineering, building and/or industrial construction, cleaning, events, etc.).

The three CPQ initiative represents more than merely validating level and skill. It is a complete three level certification system taking into account the statutory obligation of an initial practical training course in order to work on ropes as well as the necessity to gain professional experience to become an skilled Rope Technician and/or an expert Rope Technician.

The fundamental knowledge and the skills that are stipulated in the three CPQ initiative guarantee the needs of this profession.
All of these means are collegially committed to promote the Rope Technician’s technical skills, to defend the interests of the profession as well as the French Rope Technician’s affiliation.

The Certificate of Professional Qualification (CPQ)

The CPQ provides professional certification nationally acknowledged by the entire field, a job definition and its related skills as well as an evaluation of the knowledge and professional abilities within the profession's referential standards.The CPQs are most often implemented when professional fields are lacking adequatly trained technicians for specific tasks. Thus they organize training programs to answer those needs and whose accreditation is recognized by the profession...
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