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Presentation of the DPMC

The non-profit organization “Développement et Promotion des Métiers sur Cordes” (Development and Promotion of the Rope Technician) was created in 2002 by social partners of the French climbers network.

Its role is to promote the interests of the profession, define and update the technical regulations for the Rope Technicians, the companies that employ them and training centers.

The DPMC was mandated by the SFETH (the French Height Workers Union) to organize a three level of Certification of Professional Qualification (CPQ)  through the evaluation of the candidates’ knowledge and skill in accordance with the certification referentials.

The Rope Technician CPQ's are certificates that validate the person's qualification to practice an identified job in this specific field. They are granted by the National Joint Committees for the Professions (CPNE) of the Building and Civil Engineering Field.
Its authority is recognized by the government and its social partners in terms of employment and professional qualifications.

In order to guarantee impartiality of the evaluation process, the professional branch separated the certification and training activities in 2002. The DPMC does not provide Rope Technician training programs, it recruits and trains the members of the jury, organizes the examination sessions and transfers the report of the certification sessions to the CPNE who publishes the Certificates of Professional Qualification.

However, to promote the profession and improve our image, the DPMC makes a point of integrating the technical and behaviorial requirements into the training programes given by certified organizations.

Membre Fondateur de l'European Committee for Rope Access


Certification Professionnelle Européenne en Travaux sur Cordes

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Programme pour l’éducation et la formation tout au long de la vie

Projet LEONARDO DA VINCI de développement de l’innovation


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EPCRA - Projet LEONARDO DA VINCI de développement de l’innovation


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